Monday, 16 December 2013

Hansel and Gretel

Wow! What a ride! The show happened and it was beautiful... There are so many people to thank and to congratulate.

First of all, I said that I would post some information about the artists on the blog...that didn't happen because Natalie from Opera-Preneur is SO FABULOUS that she added it all right on to the artists page. Thank you, Natalie!

Hansel and Gretel looked beautiful. From the cottage in the first Act (Thank you Garry Gable for loaning that to us!), to the forest and the gingerbread cottage. Absolutely amazing. Jan Semenoff from Trio Imagery took the pictures made by Jasmin Peters and really brought them to life. THANK YOU!

Doug and Enid Jaques - so amazing to work with you. From designing Sandman's grand entrance, to working backstage, to building the large panels and the did so much and I am ever grateful.

Roger and Marie Jolly for loaning us the beautiful piano - thank you.

The Broadway Theatre staff - Bonnie, Kirby, Allison, were all so accommodating and welcoming. Thank you for giving us a home to present our little opera.

Abbeyfield - Thank you for letting us use your space. It was a wonderful rehearsal venue for us.

Saskatoon Summer Players Theatre - Thank you for lending us your keyboard during the rehearsal period, for loaning us the large panels and the costumes. Thank you!

Trio Imagery - Thank you for all of your support. The photography, the raffle, the publicity....the list goes on! Thank you!

The CAST and CREW!!! WOW!! you were all so amazing, flexible and generous in your offerings. Whether it was adapting to a crazy schedule, to dealing with an oven for a dressing room, you were all wonderful. Thank you to the dancers, the chorus, to the singers, the crew, and to Kathy - you doubled as music director and orchestra. Thank you.

Audience members - THANK YOU for buying tickets and coming to our show.

My family and friends...Thank you for helping me find the courage to pursue this project. Thank you.

Jacob, Thomas and Anthony....thank you for your endless support. I love you!

Here's to more successful productions from Little Opera On the Prairie!


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