Wednesday, 2 March 2016


So it seems "blogging" is not something I was created to do (my last post was from January 2014?!?!?!?!?!?!). However,  right now I am compelled to tell you more about this show and how excited we are! 

First of all, WHAT is it that we are doing? 

We have decided to present three separate works. The First Woman (Leslie Uyeda), La Voix Humaine (Poulenc) and Sirens (Elizabeth Raum). Combined, they give voice to many different women and their stories. The only work that was written as an opera is the Poulenc.

I first discovered the song cycle, The First Woman, when I was preparing my final recital as part of my Masters Degree. I had just given birth to my second child and I was drawn to the idea of the female story. I struggled with postpartum depression and was often question why and how my life had ended up the way it had. I was fascinated by the female body and what it was capable of. I was also very frustrated by my perception of gender roles and how they had impacted my life. In the end, I never did perform those songs, but the poetry never left my mind.

When exploring different pieces for this show, I could not stop thinking about this work; the poetry, the music and the stories would not leave my mind. In the end it was this group of songs that provided the concept for this show. Laurien Gibson is the artist performing this work (there will be a separate post about the amazing artists involved!). She is such a beautiful singer - you can hear the cry in her voice and what she a Kerry (Agnew - piano) are creating is very powerful!

I will continue to post updates as we get closer to the show. I hope that you will be joining us!

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